DealerShop.mail is a free software application for customers of D&D Distribution with an account for This application allows you to create mailings (very easily, no HTML knowledge needed) and sent them through an SMTP server of your choice. is available in Dutch and French language (one installable; language choice when starting the application).

The application can create 6 different types of mailings:

- Promo mail, with up to 12 promo products. You can select the products in your usual shopping environment, and than enter the end-user prices.

- CompuDeals mailing, with pages from the CompuDeals consumer- or business brochure.

- JPG mailing, with up to 5 JPG images.

- D&D Template mailing, in which you start with an existing D&D reseller mailing, and change prices and content.

- HTML mailing, by entering HTML code from scratch.

- Weekpomo Mailing, only available for subscribers, only available in Dutch language right now.

If you have a subscription, extra functionality is available:

- Download the original PSD files of D&D reseller mailings, so you can edit them in Photoshop and send them in a JPG mailing

- Download de original PSD files of the CompuDeals brochures

With each mailing, you can adjust the header and add your own logo, or simply a banner. You can als use the automatic unsubscribe function, which allows the recipients to unsubscribe from your mailing list automatically.

Your mailing list is stored in the cloud, and is available from every computer (and also manageable through the website). You can split the mailing list in seperate groups, so you can send certain e-mails only to certain customers.

DealerShop.mail can connect to your own SMTP server, or, if you're sending to a limited number of recipients, the SMTP server of your provider, or Gmail. The application can spead mailings in time (for example, send 10 mails, then wait 2 minutes).

- DealerShop.mail 3.3 (requires update to version 3.3b)
- Update to version 3.3b for users of version 3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.3a
Comment: DealerShop.mail 3.x requires Windows 7 or higher.

Help and documentation: click here (Dutch only).

What's new in version 3.3?
Multi-language: NL/FR. Now also available for French customers.

.NET Framework
If you're using Windows 7, the setup program will install the .NET Framework version 4.5 automatically (if not already present).

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